I beg you to fish in the great immense sea of divine love, the sea of the Holy Passion of Jesus, where one find pearls of priceless value.

St. Paul of the Cross

St. Paul Statue E2In 1930, the Passionists embarked on a bold and daring adventure. In the darkest moments of the Great Depression, they opened a large Monastery in Detroit. Their mission – to serve the spiritual needs of the church by proclaiming the saving love of Jesus Crucified.

From the very first, the Passionists opened the doors of their residence to share their life and prayer with the laity in the form of weekend retreats. This simple act of hospitality quickly grew into a retreat movement that was formally organized in 1948. Weekend retreats responded well to a felt need among American Catholics for “something more.” Soon a larger, separate facility was needed.

In 1960, the new St. Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat Center opened its doors and expanded its ministry of service to lay men and women, priests and religious, and educators and students. Other programs addressed the needs of parish and diocesan organizations for retreat days, planning sessions, and other ministerial based programs and activities.

Today, the Passionists continue to sponsor St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center. Throughout the year, weekend preached retreats for men and women, conducted in an atmosphere conducive to quiet and reflection, deepen retreatant’s own faith and provide spiritual resources necessary to meet the challenges of life. Additional programs are sponsored for religious and clergy, married couples, and those in 12 step recovery groups. The Retreat Center also hosts many other groups that make use of its facilities for their days of recollection and study, retreats, conferences and workshops.