Continuing the Journey – Savoring your Retreat

Often upon leaving our retreat experience we may recognize that we have had ‘encounters’ with God, be they ‘mountain top’ experiences, simple experiences of quiet and silence with God, or moments of challenge and growth. We wonder ‘can I continue to allow God to lead’ and continue to reveal the fruits of our time together – how can I carry the gifts forward into my everyday life? Perhaps the following practices can be helpful in continuing the journey…


  • Be intentional, yet realistic, in setting aside time for prayer – it may only be 5 minutes
  • Remember, prayer can include a daily awareness of God’s presence in our everyday experiences
  • Try new approaches to prayer


  • In your busy day, give yourself room and permission to reflect
  • Take a few minutes to call to mind what has been happening during the day – what is significant? How did I respond? Or, did I react? Is there something I would like to bring to God for healing? Is there anything I need to say or do? Is there something I can release to God?
  • Where was my prayer focused today?
  • What was the best thing that happened today? How did I / can I show my gratitude?

Be Still

  • Quiet yourself enough to listen to God’s voice in the “hub” – our inner recesses where God dwells
  • Learn to savor the silence and the quiet – even small moments of intentional stillness can bring a sense of calm to the chaos
  • Give yourself permission to ‘breathe’ (you might be surprised what 3 deep breaths can do!)
  • Quiet your heart, become receptive and open to possibility


  • Find a Spiritual Director to companion you on your journey
  • Join a faith-sharing group, prayer group or book club
  • Choose something that helps you relax
    • Take a little walk, if only in the parking lot
    • Light a candle or play some quiet music
    • Treat yourself to a book, massage, movie or flowers
    • Read through your journal or retreat notes

Printed Resources


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  • Various Authors, Praying with Series…. (The Word Among Us) “This series makes available the rich spiritual teachings of mystics and guides whose wisdom can help us on our pilgrimages”


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Be Still:

  • Joseph M. Champlin, Slow Down: Five Minute Meditations to De-Stress Your Days (Sorin Books, 2004)
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Just a few additional Authors to assist us with continuing the journey of faith:

Paula D-Arcy * Thomas Keating * Henri Nouwen * Ronald Rohlheiser Richard Rohr * Joyce Rupp * Margaret Silf * Robert Wicks

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