Director of Mission & Ministry

Dear Friends and Retreatants,

Fr._Pat_Full_PhotoWhen you come to St. Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat Center one of the most unforgettable sights you will see is the striking and moving portrayal of the Crucifixion of Jesus.  This large crucifix dominates the soaring chapel wall above the altar and tabernacle.  If you gaze upon the crucifix long enough you will notice that the eyes of Jesus are wide open, head raised toward the heavens.  For us Passionists this is a constant reminder that Jesus, once crucified and now risen in glory, continues to offer his loving presence and compassion in the midst of human suffering today wherever it may be found.

The crucifix, however, is also a reminder of the joy that comes to us through the immense love of Christ Crucified.  Yes, there is a great joy found in the cross of Christ.  Through his total offering of himself Jesus has not only brought hope to a world in great need but also a reason to live with deep gratitude, never forgetting how deeply loved each and every one of us is in the sight of Almighty God.  There are many who come to this special place of grace with only one motive: to give thanks and praise to God for all their blessings.  At the same time, there are others who come because they are carrying in their daily life many crosses and difficulties.  They need the encouragement and hope that only our Crucified Christ can provide them.

And so, dear friends, when you visit St. Paul of the Cross Passionist Retreat Center you can expect to be invited to stand faithfully and courageously at the foot of the Cross.  There you will find not only solace and comfort, but a reason to rejoice and give thanks knowing that you are deeply loved by God.  What a great message for us all today!  We hope that you will consider taking some time to visit this wonderful retreat center.  You can count on being welcomed with love and compassion, kindness and acceptance, by all of our loving staff and retreat team.

As we love to say:  May the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ be always in our hearts.  Amen.

Rev. Patrick Brennan, CP

Director of Mission and Ministry