Passionist Preached Weekend Retreat

Letting His presence encounter us, longing for space, time, solitude and peace. 

                                                                                                      Margaret Silf, Author

A weekend retreat experience centered around an annual theme designed to focus on some aspect of one’s life journey and relationship with God. In keeping with the Passionist Charism, retreatants will be invited to (re)discover the mystery of the Cross and Passion of Christ as foundational to healthy living. We invite you to join us in the stillness and the quiet for periods of listening to retreat leaders interwoven with silence for reflection, opportunities for prayer, Sacraments, sharing and experiences of God’s presence.

2019-2020 Retreat Theme 

Who do you say I AM?

Jesus posed that very question to Peter and the disciples. First, “Who do others say I am?” but then the real question: “Who do YOU say I am?”

Jesus asks that same question of each of us. He doesn’t want to know what Father so-and-so says, or who the Church says Jesus is. He doesn’t want to know how your mother or grandmother would answer. He wants to know how you would answer.

Have you ever really taken the time to hear Jesus ask you that question?  What would your response be?  How would you answer that question and what does your answer mean for the way you live your life?

Take a risk. Hear Jesus ask the question…dare to respond from the depths of your being… and meet Jesus again, as if for the first time!

Weekend retreats begin on Friday afternoon with check-in at 4:30 pm and dinner at 6:30. The retreats conclude on Sunday morning after Mass (finished before noon.)

Contact Cathy Adamkiewicz, Passionist Weekend Retreat Reservation & Marketing Coordinator, by email at or call 313.286.2801, for more information to register for a Passionist Preached Weekend Retreat.