Cards for All Occasions

Give the Gift of Prayer to a Loved One

If you have enrolled a loved one for the gift of prayer, you may wish to send them a card to let them know.

A variety of beautiful cards are available for many occasions. Request cards from us, then share them with your loved ones as you desire. You may let us know for whom to pray when you select your cards (simply include their names in the “intentions” section), or let us know later by using the online enrollment form found HERE. (Cards are sent in packs of four to keep our expenses to a minimum. If you require fewer, or a different selection, you may visit the Center in person.) A donation of $20 per four cards is suggested. Please allow two weeks for delivery of cards; if cards are needed more quickly, call us at (313)286-2801.

About the artwork:

Our exclusive cards feature the artwork of Fred A. Henze, a self-taught multimedia artist and ceramist who was born in Germany in 1904.

The award-winning artist was known for his religious subjects. His beautiful ceramic mosaic work is displayed in many churches, convents and chapels throughout the United States – and has a prominent role in our chapel here at St. Paul of the Cross in Detroit.


Our Card Collections

Variety Pack
(Two Get Well Cards, Two Sympathy Cards)






Occasions Pack (One Birthday Card, Two Intentions (Spiritual Bouquet) Cards, One Thank You Card)